Women’s Empowerment Internships Abroad

As you’ve grown up and become aware of global issues, you know and feel troubled by the gender inequality women around the world experience. You don’t want anyone to face gender discrimination or struggle to get what they need to live the life they want, and you feel called to contribute to women’s empowerment.

You have the power to do something. 

Join the mission for women’s empowerment


With GVI, you’ll partner with organisations who belong to the communities they work in. This means the work you do as a women’s empowerment intern is guided by the people who best understand what women and girls in their community experience every day and where they most need access to opportunities, resources and support.

Women’s empowerment work helps women and girls to take their rightful place as equal members of society. Our women’s empowerment internships give you a chance to develop yourself both personally and professionally through hands-on field experience working for gender equality.